The Wall of Tomorrow’s Building

With our well-planned roadmap, the future is now. By the end of Q4 2022 the building projects in African major cities and UAE would be in full operational stage for sales, rental or lease.

SmartHEx franchise with AirBNB, Hotels and Rental Facilities will also be in full operational stage by the end of Q3 2022.

This service will not be limited to African countries alone, it is geared towards global economy. SmartHEx will be accessible to people earth wide through collaboration with Binance and Okex Exchanges to list its native token and to significantly improve the liquidity of SMHX.

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SmartHEx Metaverse (Virtual Estate)

When we invest, especially in real estate, we must attempt to predict the future – a future 10 or more years down the road.

In 10 years, today’s children will be young adults and their preferences will dictate what becomes mainstream and normative. In this light, we will be launching the first real estate metaverse in Africa.

It will be known as `Lake View City.

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Benefits of Using SmartHEx

We are making possible the futuristic goals of virtual homes and physical smart homes.

Affordable Entry Level

All classes of income earners can become real estate investor through SMHX token. You can own SMHX for as low as $1 and become a co-owner of luxurious real estate projects.


SmartHEX real-franchise with major real estate companies of the world, hotels and property managers will put us at the forefront of every possible projects and relatable services for profit making and sustainable growth.

Accessible Token

Our services physical and virtual will cater to human needs, and it has high economic advantages to governments and individuals, thereby prompting a demand for SMHX as a gateway to those premium services. With SMHX on various exchange platforms and SmartHEx Wallet App, the world can have enough to do business and profit with.

User First

We perform our task with a corporate philosophy of excellence and trust based on the principle of respect for human value while ensuring excellence in quality delivery.

Adequate Liquidity

SMHX could easily be converted to your local fiat currency as sufficient liquidity is available across all exchanges.


Built on Blockchain by skilled and trusted professionals, your SmartHEx Token cannot be stolen or hacked.